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Thank you for stopping by.

My name’s Adelina, I’m a wife, a mum of two and I take memory keeping seriously 🙂  My goal is to document our family, the good, the not-so-good and the ordinary days… And I’d like to do the same for yours.  Every family is unique and my goal is to capture that for you.

Random facts:

I love paper and stationery. When I was little my dream was to have my own stationery shop.

I like baking better than cooking and I follow my recipes to the dot.

Most of the time I am the last one to hit the bed, but I’m also not a morning person. My body needs a few minutes to gather energy to leave my bed. Especially during winter. Okay, maybe more than a few minutes 🙂

I can’t wait go get to know you and your family better. Drop me a line at adelina(at)adelina.co.nz and let’s document your family!



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