Seriously Good Lasagna

Cooking never comes naturally for me. It is more like a survival skill that I need to have 🙂 Some days I feel like doing it, other days I just feel like making crafts instead. So I always try to find something easy and fast, but also delicious. I’m going to share our recent favourite lasagna recipe, along with the secret sauce (my daughter pointed out that it’s more like she and I, because the boys in our family are not fans of pasta). This pasta is really good if you don’tView full post »

How to have an awesome 4th birthday

Be happy. This is your day!! Take family photos Take photos with your favourite people Look cute Explore the world Check out the birthday cake Make a wish Enjoy the rest of your dayHappy birthday, Savvy!View full post »

Jen & Kyla

My last session in 2016. Loved meeting these two. I had a blast photographing them!View full post »

A Gift for Mum | Auckland Children Photographer

This special session was a gift for mum to celebrate her first Mother’s Day. Abel was such a good baby, he was tired but still smiling nonetheless! I really enjoyed  photographing these two, thanks so much for the opportunity! 🙂View full post »

Happy Mother’s Day | Auckland Family Photographer

Wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day! View full post »

Morning at the Beach | Auckland Family Photographer

It was my first time photographing at this beach. Can’t believe how quiet and pretty this place was. The light was soo good. The family was awesome.  They played, explored, stopped for a snack, kicked the rugby ball and then built sandcastles. A perfect Saturday morning.  View full post »

Our Weekend | Auckland Family Photographer

An impromptu trip to the beach. Low tide. Sandcastles. Shells. Sand covered feet. So love this time of the year.View full post »

Preparing for Preschool Portraits | Auckland Children Photographer

It’s that time again of the year and you just got a notice from your child’s preschool about the upcoming photo day. Here are a few things that you can do before you send them off to have their pictures taken: 1. Make a note on your calendar My girl has always been the independent one. She wanted to do everything by herself, she’d get dressed, brushed her hair and even tie them up herself when she was younger. One time I forgot about this and she came home with a picture ofView full post »

Bellyful Portrait Fundraiser 2015 – Auckland Portrait Photographer

So glad for another chance to do a portrait fundraiser for this amazing organisation! Nice to see new families and some familiar faces this year. The weather was perfect and I had a blast capturing these lovely people. Thank you all for coming and supporting Bellyful!  View full post »