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Hi everyone! Just want to share our latest mother-daughter project.. adopt-an-owl 🙂 Had so much fun putting these together for her school gala. I made the owl and she made the bio sheet and put the jar together. This one is a girl, and she’s the sweetest owl to adopt! And here is the Christmas owl. This one is a boy and he loves Christmas – loves to dress up as a reindeer. It was so much fun doing this project with my girl. Time well spent 🙂View full post »

DIY Christmas Ornaments / Gift Tags

As you’ve probably seen, I pinned lots of Christmas crafts tutorials on my PINTEREST. One tutorial that I really wanted to make was the salt dough ornaments.  I am not very good with oven though, and since I’d like to make these with my kids, I chose to use DAS air-dry modelling clay instead. This is our main Christmas project this year and we had so much fun making them. So I thought I’d share it with you all : ) You will need : modelling clay, stamps, cookie cutter, sand paper, drinkingView full post »

Indoor Activity for Kids – Make Your Own Animation

I still remember the first time I tried to make my own stop-motion. I was around 9 and getting a bit bored in class so I started drawing stick figures on my little notebook. The stick figures were tiny and they were at the bottom of the pages. When I flip them really fast, the stick figure would run from one end to the other… I was pretty amazed by it, but I wasn’t really good at drawing so that’s about how far I went with my own animation. Fast forward many years later. MyView full post »

DIY Skyline Tutorial for Children

We spent most of this weekend at home so we made something for their teachers. This project is very easy to make, and all you need is a thin canvas, acrylic paint and lots and lots of patterned paper. First, get them to paint the background. Then cut different sizes of rectangles and house shapes. Can you guess which city’s skyline we are making? 🙂View full post »

DIY Wreath

All you need is: Those are pumpkin spice potpourri that I found at Target a few months ago, and it was on sale 🙂 I am so going to miss Target when I’m back in New Zealand! Make a hole in the plate and then paint the plate brown (or any colour that matches your potpourri), then start gluing. Brush some glue and sprinkle some glitter Voila!View full post »