Kmart Floating Frames

I love floating frames. I love that  I can be super creative with it or I can just keep it simple, and it’ll still give me a great result.  I was walking around Kmart the other day when I found them and I just had to buy some! So here’s what I did with it. You’ll need:

  • a floating frame  (I use 8×10 for this one)
  • a photo (smaller than the frame so you can show the space around it) or some photos
  • some ephemera or stickers. I use Maggie Holmes Gather Ephemeras for this one, but you can, of course, use others. They can be purchased from any scrapbook stores or Spotlight.

First thing to do is to place the photo. I use glue dot right in the middle to keep it in place.

Then, it’s time to decorate! I love layering so I just put the ephemeras around the photos. Be careful not to put too many, otherwise, you won’t be able to slip it back in. I don’t even use glue for the ephemeras and as the second glass will keep them all together.

That’s it! Time to slot them back in. Don’t forget to put the stopper back 🙂 So easy right?