Indoor Activity for Kids – Make Your Own Animation

I still remember the first time I tried to make my own stop-motion. I was around 9 and getting a bit bored in class so I started drawing stick figures on my little notebook. The stick figures were tiny and they were at the bottom of the pages. When I flip them really fast, the stick figure would run from one end to the other… I was pretty amazed by it, but I wasn’t really good at drawing so that’s about how far I went with my own animation.

Fast forward many years later. My kids find some cartoon characters can be a bit scary – from mild scary like Mr Cedric from Sofia the First to super scary like Ursula from Little Mermaid. So I’ve always wanted to show them that they were just drawings  🙂

Anyways, one afternoon we finally did it, we made a little movie. My girl even wrote a script to follow and we shot the whole thing on my phone. It’s amazing that a little phone can make something like this, and it was waaaaayy easier than drawing stick figures one at a time. This young generation certainly have no idea!! 😉 When we finished filming (or taking pictures rather), we downloaded them onto my laptop and combine them all on Movie Maker. Shooting the frames was really time consuming but we had fun!

(I have no idea what peaspoon means, but that’s what he said the title was ;))