Our Family Yearbooks | Auckland Family Photographer

When I was little, my dad used to take lots of photos. Every time he finished a roll of film, he would take it to the local print shop and get it developed. There was a drawer in my house that was dedicated for these photo albums. Growing up, whenever I had nothing to do, I would just go to this drawer and flip through these albums.

These days with digital cameras and smartphones, taking pictures is getting easier and easier. However I found that I don’t get them printed enough. All these photos are stored in my computer and hardly be seen again, unless we look for something in particular. So I made a pinky promise, that I would organised them into an album and get them printed.

I fell in love with our first book that I ordered back in 2012 with Blurb. They have great quality, fast turn around, great customer service, easy to use software, and most of all they can print more than 200 pages. Then life happened and I didn’t quite manage to order any books after that. This year I really made a point to catch up and when Blurb offered  discount I immediately ordered 3 books. It felt so good. Especially when they arrived:


I chose the Standard Landscape size which is 10×8 inch. The thickest one was 2014 with 272 pages. I used Booksmart to create most of them and it’s pretty easy to use. Booksmart already has some templates ready but you can also create your own templates.

Our yearbooks consist of all photos that I took during the year. Things that amuse me, weekend routines, birthdays, trips, milestones and many more. This is a way to document our life. Because, man, time flies and I don’t want to forget.

I keep the design pretty simple. Sometimes I add text to accompany the photos to let my children know the story behind.

Since videos are now part of our memory keeping, sometimes I add this little QR code that leads to a video that I took along with the photos.

Making these book is certainly not an easy task.  However, it is important to me that we get these printed so we can look back and reminisce. I am a scrapbooker at heart, but these days I hardly find time to scrapbook. Printing them into these books is the solution to my memory keeping journey. And more importantly, watching my children looking through the photos – always makes me happy 🙂