Tips for Preschool Portraits | Auckland Children Photographer

It’s that time again of the year! Here are a few things that you can do before you send them off to have their pictures taken for a succesful picture day:

1. Make a note on your calendar

My girl has always been the independent one. She wanted to do everything by herself, she’d get dressed, brushed her hair and even tie them up herself when she was younger. One time I forgot about this and she came home with a picture of her with hair that looks like a mop ;D  I still love the photo nevertheless, it shows her independence. However, if you’d like to prepare better, don’t forget to mark your calendar.

2. Clothing

Stay away from big print (image/text) that takes away the focus from your child’s beautiful smile. Something comfortable – if it is possible, choose their favourite clothing so it can get documented too. They grow up way too fast at this stage and before you blink those cute outfits would have been too small already.

Choose colour that complimented your child’s feature.

For sibling photos, try to coordinate the colours.

3. Practise smiling for the camera

This is the one thing that you DON’T need to do at all. I love capturing the most natural smile.. so you don’t need to worry about this one. Leave that to the photographer 🙂

If your child misses the photo day, find out if there is a makeup day from your preschool. I always have another day set up for those who can’t attend on the day.

4. Get a good night sleep

We want your kids to be in a good mood and a good night sleep will certainly help!

Hope that helps you getting the photos that you will treasure forever!